Personal Stories

Follow the lives of the eight young people featured in the exhibit.

More Stories

During the creation of the exhibit Through the Eyes of Youth: Life and Death in the Będzin Ghetto and after its public opening in the Fall of 2014, the team working on the exhibit has been in touch with other Będzin survivors and their children. We like to tell some of their stories.

Please contact the Martin-Springer Institute if you can share with us your story or any materials we can post (photos, diaries, images of objects).

Lustiger Family (including the French Cardinal Lustiger)
Dasha Rittenberg
Regina Safirsztain
Fannie Friedman
Hirsz Litmanowicz Gonjuch
Jadwiga Cartush (Jane Danziger)
Wolf Zaidman
Art Spiegelman
Abraham Izrael Kozuch
Ben Fainer
Shlomo Pieprz
George Zimmerman

Miriam ‘Kasia’ Szancer

Chajka Klinger