In these pages, we tell the story of young people in the Jewish ghetto of Będzin (Poland) before, during, and after the Holocaust. This site supports and enriches the traveling exhibit:

Through the Eyes of Youth:

Life and Death in the Będzin Ghetto

The exhibit was created by the Martin-Springer Institute at Northern Arizona University.



In 1939, Nazi Germany invaded Poland. German forces occupied the Polish city of Będzin, changing the lives of its Jewish people forever. Forced into a cramped ghetto, the entire Jewish population was eventually deported to extermination camps. The youth of Będzin struggled with growing up amid violence, hatred, and loss, while still trying to find small joys in life.

This site is best used in conjunction with the actual traveling exhibit.

  • This site provides information and resources to learn about young people's lives in a Jewish ghetto in Poland within the context of the Holocaust and World War II.

  • It offers teachers and educators curricular ideas and materials for preparing students before, during, and after visiting the exhibit.

  • It offers people who would like to request the exhibit for their organization an overview about its educational value.

  • The site can also be navigated as a source of information on the Będzin ghetto independent of the actual traveling exhibit.

The exhibit can be requested from the Martin-Springer Institute for educational and community organizations, libraries, and other public venues. The traveling exhibit and the online version are made possible through the Martin-Springer Institute at Northern Arizona University under the directorship of Dr. Björn Krondorfer. The Martin-Springer Institute was founded in 2000 by Doris and Ralph Martin. Doris, born Dora Szpringer, grew up in Będzin. Miraculously, she and her whole family survived the Holocaust.