We offer these educational materials  for teachers and students who engage with

Doris Martin with middle school students.
Doris Martin with middle school students

the exhibit.


The materials can be used prior to seeing the exhibit, such as the vocabulary words (tier 2 and tier 3 terms). Other materials may be useful while students are viewing the exhibit, or at the end of such a visit.


The exhibit is designed in four sections with the stories of seven young people from the Będzin ghetto woven throughout. The materials below invite students to follow the lives of these individuals while examining the history of this place in Poland.


We welcome any educational materials and ideas that you may develop when engaging with the exhibit. Our hope is that we will have a growing collection of materials for educators that will enhance the experiences of students at different age levels.


These teacher resources are available as PDFs:

Vocabulary (Tier 2 and Tier 3 Terms)  click here

Student Questions for each of the 4 Sections click here

Student Worksheet  click here

Student Questions (for after viewing the Exhibit)  click here

Student Worksheet (by Goodman and Levinsohn) click here

Curriculum Lesson based on Jane Lipski‘s story, developed by Yad Vashem: click here